Elevator Pitch Perfect

Elevator Pitch Perfect

At our meeting on October 10, 2019, every ZWIN member gave a 60-second elevator speech about her business to the group. It was a great way to learn about new members and be reminded of what old members are doing. Making the presentations was also a perfect way to practice for networking beyond our group.

Officer Announcements

VP Kathy Wood thanked us for the cards and meals she received following her knee surgery.

Nikole Robeson reminded us to get bios and photos to her so that she can keep the website up-to-date. Contact Evona Watson if you need a questionnaire to help complete your bio.

Upcoming Events

Town Employee Luncheon: October 24, 2019, from 11:30 to 1 p.m. in the Zionsville Town Hall. We will be hosting lunch for all the town employees, including the fire, police, parks, and mayor’s departments. Charlotte and Ellie are organizing this for us. They have sent a Signup Genius, so decide how you can help, whether it’s bringing a side dish, baking a dessert, setting up the buffet, or cleaning up. There may be up to 70 hungry guests, so bring generous portions! City BBQ will be the main course. Also, please bring your items in disposable dishes or plan to pick them up when the luncheon ends.
All are welcome to eat with the employees as we interact that day.

December service project: We would like to continue this tradition. If you know of a charity that would benefit from our help, let our board members know. Next month we will vote from the charities suggested.

Visitors Today

  • Susan Buterbaugh, an advertising and TV professional
  • Sherry Leffler, who has an accounting and consulting business called Leffler Business Services
  • Melanie Bowen, new staffmember with the Zionsville Education Foundation

New Members

We welcomed three members!

  • Jaclyn Ricci, of The Lady Bug pest control. Her company does wildlife and nuisance removal, whether it’s bats, raccoons, moles, voles, or bugs. They do exclusion work to prevent pests from entering, and they do cleanup and restoration.
  • Kate Brazzole, of Smart College Selection, who is assuming the ZWIN position of her co-worker Amy McVeigh. They help students throughout the whole college selection and application process.
  • Rio White, owner of No Label Studio. She provides customized hair care and styling to meet each person’s needs.

Shout-Outs to Members!

  • To Elaine M. from Kathy W. for PT after surgery
  • To Carol J. from Elaine M. for shirts and logos for Hit the Bricks race
  • To Kim S. from Elaine M. for bag clips as giveaways for the race
  • To Elaine M. from Cindy A. for PT while training for half-marathon
  • To Kate B. from Becky C. for helping her son select a university and receive a scholarship

Spotlight Speakers

Becky Cash, CHNP, ND. As a naturopathic doctor, she looks for the root cause of symptons. She is passionate about jumpstarting nutrition and wellness. Talk to her about a 7-day cleanse for $159!

Elaine Morrison, Zionsville Physical Therapy. Elaine knows people have all sorts of pains and strains throughout life, and she works with her staff to treat these. Anything that has to do with movement and posture can be addressed by physical therapy.

Lyle Browne, Zionsville Education Foundation. As director of this non-profit organization, Lyle helps raise money to fund special projects and initiatives in the Zionsville schools. These include thousands of dollars in grants to teachers who have innovative ideas for their classrooms.

Special Guests from IWIN

We welcomed Trent and Ellie Paino of HouseMaster home inspections today. They are donating $5 per ZWIN member present at today’s meeting to IWIN, Indiana Women in Need. This organization supports women with breast cancer, helping with rides, childcare, housekeeping, and other needs to encourage women to utilize the health care they need while battling this disease. In addition, HouseMaster will donate $5 for every home inspection they do in October to this organization. Thank you, Painos!

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