Networking with Confidence

Networking with Confidence

On May 9, 2019, ZWIN welcomed guest speaker Halle Simpson. Halle serves as a life and business coach whose goal is to help people be their best selves. She wants them to leave work feeling fulfilled, not drained. Halle grew up in Zionsville and now works out of ZWorks.

Halle spoke about networking with confidence. As she says, it’s a learned skill. And it’s important because people do business with people they know. She believes confidence in networking boils down to having confidence in who you are and in what you are representing.

Here are a few of her tips for displaying confidence while networking:

  1. At personal or professional events, act like you are the host. Greet others by name and be welcoming.
  2. Make sure you have a good handshake.
  3. Ask open-ended questions, like “Tell me a little about yourself” or “How did you find out about the event today?”
  4. Follow up on questions and statements others make. “Try to build conversation like a pathway,” Halle suggests, where one person’s response lead to the next logical thought or question.
  5. Ask questions that invite vulnerability, such as “What is going well with your business?” or “What struggles is your business facing?”
  6. If you don’t know anyone, simply ask, “Do you mind if I sit with you?” or “May I join you?”
  7. Excuse yourself from conversation gracefully. If you need to leave or speak with someone else, offer to follow up later.
  8. Share business cards, and follow up with people you meet. Send an email, follow them on social media, or write a personal note.

Halle closed by saying courage is more important than confidence. Reach out and meet people! Take advantage of networking opportunities.

Summary of Business Meeting

Debbi and Kathy welcomed everyone and introduced our guest, Stephanie Jack.

Patrice McDowell announced that her organization, Grand Brook Memory Care, is opening May 14 to people interested in seeing it. The facility will have 36 apartments for assisted living, and 24/7 nursing staff. It is located on Michigan Road near 116th Street.

We gave a new member pin to Molly Godby, marketing manager for Godby Heating, Plumbing, and Electrical. They serve commercial and residential clients, and offer cooling, too.

Our Spring Social on April 25 at Cobblestone was a success. We had about 25 people. Cobblestone was a great host, easy to work with, and they served a delicious beet hummus!

Kim Storen will order new nametags if you need them – see her.

Erica Carpenter announced Brick Street market on May 11 and the Farmer’s Market starting on May 18 in the village.

For our June event, we will meet in the evening and celebrate 6 years of being an organization here in Zionsville. We will meet on June 13 from 7 to 9 pm at ZWorks. Bring an appetizer or dessert, and we will have a contest for fan favorites. We will also continue our annual service project of gathering, cleaning, and donating new or gently used jewelry to organizations assisting women in need. If you have more expensive things, you may donate them and we will offer them for sale to members and put the money back to ZWIN or donate it. Erin Debrota will help again with the foods; be thinking of what you want to make to share for the contest!


  • Whitney V. started reading Profit First;  Debbi K. is helping her open 5 accounts; idea is to start with profits first, and deduct from them!
  • Kathy W. to Whitney V. – great home staging!
  • Susan F. to Elaine M. for shoulder help and assistance with daughter’s gold award!
  • Whitney V. to Dawn P. for gooey cookie dough recipe!

Spotlight Speakers

Becki Cronin – Cronin Cleaning has been in business since 2009. They offer green cleaning, using homemade and enzyme based cleaners. They have a new manager in place. If you have a party coming up, or a special cleaning problem, call or hop on Facebook and they are happy to help.

Tammy Kelly — She offers commercial real estate, helping people who own buildings find tenants; and helping others find property to invest in or to lease. She loves to help small business owners looking to invest or find space. Call and she would love to answer any questions.

Kristen Gilkison – She owns Timbar, a nutrition bar company. Shes a PA with a passion for baking and knowledge about gluten sensitivity and other food allergies. She started making protein bars for her family and that led to the farmer’s market and now a larger business. She loves offering a healthy option as a grab and go. Her flavors include chocolate peanut butter, cranberry, and almond. She also offers protein bites such as mint chocolate, cinnamon, and blueberry muffin. Place an order by texting her or going to

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