ZWIN Discusses Cyber Safety

ZWIN Discusses Cyber Safety

On August 8, ZWIN hosted Captain Charles White, head of the Criminal Investigations Division of the Zionsville Police Department. Captain White spoke with us about identity theft and other computer-related crimes. He shared how his specialized training through the FBI and his network of law enforcement personnel worldwide help Zionsville police respond effectively to cyber and other criminal investigations.

Captain White of Zionsville Police shares information with ZWIN

Here are a few of his recommendations for avoiding cyber theft:

  • Don’t use a debit card for online purchases. Use a credit card.
  • Don’t leave anything valuable in sight within a vehicle. Criminals who break in and obtain your wallet get all the information they need to pretend to be you online.
  • Be wary of deals on the internet. If they sound too good to be true, they probably are.
  • Check URLs of sites while shopping online. Avoid fake versions of popular sites like Craig’s List.
  • Be alert for phishing and impostor scams via email. Hackers are good at making emails look legitimate. Don’t click on links within them.
  • Understand that gaming systems are also computers. Know who your kids are interacting with online.
  • Contact if you suspect a problem.

ZWIN Regular Business

We welcomed three visitors today–

  • Lauren Spillman, Signature Lime Photography
  • Amanda Repass, Gimbal Financial
  • Lucia Smith, Cronin Cleaning

Our group has over 50 members now and we love to see it keep growing!


  • Jane Crawford, our dedicated VP of programming, will be stepping down from her position. Thanks for your great work, Jane! Amy Connelly will assume her position on the board.
  • Our next meeting will be on September 12 and it will be a field trip! We will meet at Fire Station 93 on 700 hear the ZYSA soccer fields.
  • On October 24, we will host our annual luncheon at the Town Hall. This event is a way to show our gratitude to our police officers, fire department, and other town employees. A sign-up will go out soon. Please come and bring a dish to share!

Shout-outs to Our Members

We love hearing about how members utilize one another’s goods and services. This month, we had shout-outs to Dawn, Lily, Jen, Kim, Molly, Ingrid, Allyson, Jaclyn, Jennifer, Connie, Rachel, Angie and Julie, Debbie, and Elaine! That’s wonderful!

Spotlight Speakers

Natasha Mecklenburg, Private Client Advisor with Gregory & Appel Insurance — Talk to Natasha for advice on all your insurance needs. She builds personal relationships with her clients to help protect their belongings and assets.

Susan Finley, Sales Director, Mary Kay — Mary Kay has launched a natural skin care line that’s free from all substances banned in Europe. She is happy to help you try these new products!

Cindy Argentine, Author and Journalist — Cindy has a new book for sale this month called STEAM Jobs in Cybersecurity. It introduces this exciting field to middle school students and gives them information about jobs relating to it.

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