ZWIN February 2021

ZWIN February 2021

This month, the ZWIN ladies met to share a few useful tips to “Tweak your Pandemic Chic.”

Nikole Robeson:

Discussed the importance of connection during this time when we aren’t able to entertain in the traditional way. Virtual wine tastings can be fun with themes such as scavenger hunts for pairings, trivia night, makeover with girlfriends, etc. Tasting new wine is perfect for taking the edge off and discovering new varietals and pairings. Don’t be afraid to try new recipes and incorporate wine. Check out my website and blog for fun recipes and pairings.

Susan Finley:

Discussed the effects of winter weather on our faces and bodies and shared Mary Kay products that will help alleviate dry skin and add extra hydration. Also shared the new Clinical Solutions Retinol 0.5 and its amazing results. Susan also hosts virtual gatherings where she shares tips on skincare and will even provide a makeover for you to try yourself!

Danielle Hennes:

Danielle covered cheap and easy tweaks to make your work from home space better for your spine. 

1. Prop up your monitor so that the center of your screen is 2″ above eye level. This will help take stain off your neck. 

2. 1x/hour get up and stretch your chest by bringing your arms to a 90 degree angle on either side of a doorway, then gently lean forward for 20-30 sec. This helps your shoulders from rounding forward. 

3. Sit on a cushion/book to prop your hips up 2″ above your knees to help lengthen your hip flexors. 

Erica Carpenter:

Update your walls and furniture! Rifle Wallpaper, peel and stick in stock and traditional paste for special order, now available at Fivethirty Home. Also, join us for the #yearofjolie where we help you tackle a different area of your home each month. And, stay tuned to our social media every Tuesday for a new Home Décor or Paint Tip.

Erica Edwards:

Erica covered the Spring Trend Report: 3 Spring Trends that are already in your closet!

1)      Outside the Lines – Don’t just color outside the lines, but LIVE outside of them! Go Big & Go Bold by mixing and matching prints & patterns.

2)      Opposites Attract – Playful approach to black and white like stripes and zebra patterns, add a little color and texture like a fun shoe or handbag.

3)      Last Day of Summer – Grab your sun hat, dip your toes in, and let’s channel those endless summer vibes with hints of nude and blush and pops of color like coral, all tied together with denim, and sandals.


Dawn Park – Health Coach

Contact Dawn Parker to help you reach your health goal. Dawn has a wealth of knowledge on food sensitivities, she will you guidance on what to buy at the grocery store, and she also shares deliciously healthy recipes!

(508) 450-2731 or

Kathy Wood – Real Estate Agent

If you are keen on living in the Zionsville or the Indy Metro area, Kathy will do everything to help you meet your real estate needs. With her personalized touch, she will surely help you find a home unique to your needs. Contact Kathy at
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