Amy McVeigh

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Amy McVeigh is an independent college selection consultant, guiding high school students and their families through the college selection journey.

Amy supports students through the process, helping them make informed choices about high school courses and activities, create an effective application, and intelligently analyze all the options.  It's a customized approach, focused on each student's needs.  Included are formal and informal assessments, student and family conversations, tailored tools, comprehensive to-do lists, encouragement, and plenty of baked goods.

Amy earned a certificate in college counseling from the University of California at Los Angeles, an MBA from Harvard, and a degree in public relations from Boston University.  She is a member of the National Association of College Admissions Counselors, the Higher Education Consultants Association, and the Independent Educational Consultants Association. She frequently attends conferences, workshops, and webinars and visits colleges to build her knowledge. She assists in the college counseling office of the International School of Indiana, is a scholarship reader for the Boone County Foundation, and helps her undergraduate alma mater with admitted student activities.

She lives with her husband in Zionsville, Indiana, and travels frequently to southeastern Michigan to meet with clients.  Her clients are mostly in the Indianapolis and Detroit areas, though she is very comfortable working with students long-distance via Skype, email, and text.