Lucia Smith

Lucia Smith

Cleaning Services: Residential and Commercial

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Every task is important. Every task, in and of itself, is crucial to the job being completed successfully. Because so many things we do intertwine, we consistently strive to do every task to the best of our ability. The result is consistency.

Little things mean a lot. The old adage is still true. The small details in the right places mean much. Think of the last time you were pleased with any company. Was it a huge thing they did or the small things/details that impressed you? We like to think the “big” things are expected and the small details are impressive.

Method is key. Without a solid method (some call it process or system), you’re likely to waste precious resources. We have honed our skills and training to develop the most-efficient methods for each task. Faulty methods result in mistakes, wasted time, effort, and materials. Good methods increase productivity and overall satisfaction.

All people are created equal. Our cleaning technicians are bright, intelligent, thoughtful, human beings. We hold them in high esteem. They are not “lowly maids” or “the help”. They are human beings for whom dignity and respect is mandated.

Cronin's clients are just the same. We hold our clients, their family members or staff, in high esteem and give great courtesy and discretion. Our goal is to always provide the best possible experience for our clients every visit.