Kristen Gilkison

Kristen Gilkison

Food & Beverage: Protein Bars


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Kristin received her education at Butler University, she has a Bachelor of Science and is a Physician Assistant. Her background as a Physician Assistant and a desire to help people live healthier lives coupled with her love of baking and recipe development led her to create healthy protein bars and snacks. Her husband and her both have Celiac Disease and as the owner an CEO of Timbar, she is committed to creating delicious gluten free products for everyone to enjoy that are not only healthy but also taste amazing. There are so many products on the market that have a lot of preservatives and unnatural ingredients. She was inspired to create something that was free from preservatives, gluten free, soy free, dairy free and egg free so as many people as possible can enjoy.

Timbar's mission is to create nutritious and delicious foods to fuel all of life’s adventures. Healthy should also taste great and she is committed to helping make people’s lives easier by creating delicious on-the-go healthy foods. As a busy working mom she loves having something nutritious, healthy and delicious that she can grab to help fuel her through the busy day.

Instagram: @thetimbar