Lori Varas

Lori Varas

Urban Gardening

Tower Garden
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Lori passionately educates all ages on how easy it is to grow your own clean, healthy food all year round virtually anywhere, inside or outside, without soil using the Tower Garden system.


Tower Garden is a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system requiring no weeding, tilling, kneeling or getting dirty. Assembly is easy and the compact design fits almost anywhere. Tower Gardens are being used in homes, schools, restaurants, senior communities, airports, baseball stadiums, etc. Health conscious people of all gardening abilities are embracing the convenience of access to nutritionally dense, vine-ripened, fresh food just steps away. No storing food in the refrigerator or waste. The Tower Garden grows vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits in less time than it takes to grow them in soil. Growing your own food in a Tower Garden allows you to use less than 10% of the space and water of a traditional garden. You can also grow 30% more three times as fast.

So enjoy the experience to Grow Good Health from ‘Tower to Table’.

Lori is a wife, mom, urban farmer and lover of delicious simple food. Lori is a dual Canadian / American citizen and educates and sells Tower Gardens throughout Canada and the US. She focuses on educating young children that freshly grown fruits and vegetables are not only fun to grow but delicious to eat.