Valerie Strohl

Valerie Strohl

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Valerie is the co-owner of ISN and Director of Media. As a small family-owned company, she pretty much does it all. More importantly, as primarily an e-commerce company, her social media background has been helpful. She produce videos, create content for various SM channels, but also does monthly reports and product development.

ISN manufactures and provides athletes and fitness enthusiasts with clean, healthy dietary supplements to support training, recovery, and overall health. We create innovative blends of research supported ingredients in meaningful amounts. Always produced in the USA in a GMP-certified facility.

This journey began in 2018 when we noticed the sports nutrition market was full of products with mystery ingredients, harsh stimulants, fillers, and tiny amounts of the ingredients that actually work.  We believed we could do better.  Not just cleaner and more honest products, but also ones that combine innovative combinations of ingredients that would benefit athletes.