Speed-networking via ZWIN

Speed-networking via ZWIN

On April 11, 2019, the women of ZWIN “speed-networked.” Sitting at tables of four, members shared about their business for one minute each. After all four had spoken and they’d allowed a couple minutes for questions, it was time for the next round. To organize who stayed at each table and who moved to another one, women had to “follow the dots.” How? Each tabletop held four colored paper circles–one pink, one red, one blue, and one yellow. Each person chose a colored dot. The member with the pink dot automatically became the table captain. She would stay at that table the whole time. For each future round, the member with the red dot moved to the next table, the member with the blue dot moved over two tables, and the member with the yellow dot moved over three tables. This “musical-table” game worked well, allowing members to interact with a large cross-section of the group.

Sharing about our businesses at tables of four

Visitors, New Member, and Shout-Outs

At the opening of the meeting, we thanked our greeters, Amy and Carol, and welcomed these visitors:

  • Stacey Bricker, AFLAC independent agent
  • Jaclyn Ricci, The Lady Bug pest control
  • Molly Godby, Godby heating, plumbing, and electric
  • Niki Martine, Martine dentistry in Stonegate

We pinned Ellie Paino of House Master, our newest member. Congratulations!

As we do each month, members gave shout-outs to one another for great work done. Carol Jakubisin, Evona Watson, Kim Storen, Debbie Ayers, Elaine Morrison, Cindy Argentine, Kathy Wood, and Erin DeBrota all received commendation. Awesome job, ladies!

Spotlight Speakers

Leigh Ann Akard. She owns and manages Akard’s Hardward Store in Boone Village. They are offering many new items for sale, including plants and gifts. They also have equipment for rent. They train youth employees, offering many their first job. She believes in supporting the community and living with gratitude. She hopes to pay forward the assistance she has received!

Debbie Ayers. She is a massage therapist who works from locations such as Zionsville Physical Therapy. She informed us about he benefits of massage for the body and mind, including treating anxiety, counteracting repetitive motion, and relieving tendonitis.

Jennifer Morris. She runs Signed and Stated, a boutique sign-making and workshop space. She invites groups to come in to paint wood signs. It’s a great activity for parties, showers, and friends wanting a project together. The signs are totally custom!

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